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Minutes of the meeting of Trevi Ministers, 2 June 1993
jhadoc February=1999

SUBJECT:       Minutes of the meeting of Trevi Ministers, 2 June
REFERENCE:     doc. dated, 3 November 1993, The Council, 9693/93
               ENFOPOL 3, RESTREINT


One of the rare, available, sets of minutes of the Trevi
Ministers meetings. It is hard to see why such Minutes were not
released, and why they were denied to national parliaments.



of: the meeting of TREVI Ministers
on: 2 June 1993 in: Copenhagen

Delegations will please find herewith the minutes of the meeting
of TREVI Ministers, held in Copenhagen on 2 June 1993.


Minutes of the meeting held in
Copenhagen on 2 June 1993

Item 1 Welcome and opening of the meeting

The Chairman welcomed Ministers and their delegations to

Item 2 Adoption of the agenda: The agenda was adopted.


Item 3 Minutes of the Senior Officials' Meeting held in
Copenhagen on 11 and 12 May 1993

France had submitted an addition to the text of the minutes and
asked for two related corrections of the minutes. The Presidency
undertook to revise the minutes accordingly.

Item 4 Minutes of the Ministerial Meeting held in London on 1
December 1992

The minutes were noted.

Item 5 Minutes of the Extraordinary TREVI Ministers' Meeting,
held in Kolding, on 6 May 1992

The minutes were noted.


Item 6 Ad Hoc Working Group on Europol

Item 6.1 Ministerial Agreement on the Establishment of the
Europol Drugs Unit

The Chairman congratulated Ministers on their signature of the
Ministerial Agreement and thanked delegations for their

As Ministers decided to make the Ministerial Agreement public,
the Chairman stated that the Agreement would be forwarded to the
Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs of the European

Greece announced that it had decided to put itself forward as a
candidate for the permanent headquarters of Europol.

Item 6.2 Report from TREVI Senior Officials to TREVI Ministers

In accordance with the invitations in the Report, Ministers

- agreed to draw the attention of the European Council to the
urgent need for a decision on the location of Europol;

- approved the paper on the accountability of the Europol Drugs

- approved the draft budget and the advance work programme ; and

- noted the progress on the work towards a Convention
establishing Europol.

With regard to the recommendations to Ministers to make decisions
concerning the future of the Project Team and the post of
caretaker Coordinator, several delegations found it more
appropriate - and best in accordance with the "step-by-step
approach" adopted at the extraordinary Meeting of TREVI Ministers
on 6 May 1993 in Kolding - to postpone these decisions until the
meeting of the European Council on 21 and 22 June 1993 had been

It was decided that Ministers would meet again in Copenhagen on
29 June 1993 to further prepare the establishment of the Europol
Drugs Unit. In the event that the European Council in Copenhagen
should fail to take a decision on the location of Europol, TREVI
Ministers will then also endeavour to reach an agreement on a
temporary location for the Europol Drugs Unit.

Item 6.3 Draft Report on Europol from TREVI Ministers to the
European Council in Copenhagen

It was agreed that the Presidency should amend the report to the
European Council in accordance with conclusions reached under
items 6.1 and 6.2.

Item 7 Working Group I

Item 7.1 Document on External and Internal Threat Assessment.
Ministers noted the Summary and Analysis of the TREVI document
on the External and Internal Threats from Terrorism to the
countries of the European Communities.

It was agreed that the Presidency should forward a copy of the
Summary and Analysis part to the EPC Working Group on Terrorism.

Item 7.2 Violent Acts against Foreigners

Following the recommendations from Senior Officials, Ministers
decided to expand the mandate of TREVI Working Group I to include
the more organised aspects of violent acts against foreigners.
This will allow Working Group I to initiate an exchange of
information and experience concerning the problem under the
Belgian Presidency, also with a view to being in a position to
contribute to the implementation of the initiative launched by
Justice and Interior Ministers at their Meeting in Kolding on 6
and 7 May 1993.

Item 8 Working Group II

Item 8.1 Interception of Communications.


- took note of the debriefing of the experts' group on
interception of telecommunications ;

- approved the recommendation of the experts' group concerning
GSM and Visitors Location Register (VLR) ; and

- approved the establishment of formal contacts with third
countries on the issue of interception of telecommunications
according to the memorandum submitted by the Presidency.

Item 8.2 Policing of Road Traffic

Ministers noted the recommendations put forward by Senior
Officials. In this respect Ministers stressed the importance of
Working Group II efforts in the area of road traffic to
concentrate on the police aspects of this subject.

Item 8.3 Police co-operation with the countries of Eastern Europe

The document put forward by the Presidency was noted. The
Netherlands proposed that conferences for each separate Eastern
European country and its donor countries be organized in order
to coordinate the activities.

Ministers agreed that the Netherlands proposal be further
examined by Working Group II after the completion of the Working
Group's ongoing work on the subject.

Item 9 Working Group III

Item 9.1 Money Laundering

Item 9.2 Environmental Crime

Item 9.3 Motor Cycle Gangs

The recommendations from Senior Officials to Ministers on items
9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 were agreed without comment.

Item 9.4 New Items for Working Group III

a. Data Protection
b. Prostitution

Following proposals from the Netherlands and Belgium
respectively, Ministers agreed to place both items on the agenda
of Working Group III.


Item 10 Presidency's press release

The Chairman circulated a draft of the Presidency press release
from the meeting and undertook to adjust the press release in
accordance with comments made by delegations.

Item 11 Any other Business
Item 11.1 Calendar of the Belgian Presidency

There were no comments on the calendar.
Close of the Meeting.

Belgium thanked the Presidency for its chairmanship and
hospitality. The Chairman wished Belgian Colleagues success
during the next 6 months, thanked delegations and interpreters
and closed the meeting.

Source of this document: SEMDOC database
Statewatch European Monitoring and Documentation Centre

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